One of the most highly viewed shows on television in the Unites States is Dancing with the Stars, (DWTS). Every Monday night many of us slip into our comfy clothes and head to our favorite seat in front of the TV to escape into a world of ballroom dancing. The appeal is that “stars” with little to -0- dance training can step into a world that is as foreign to them as it is to us. We watch as some of today’s most well-known celebrities struggle with dance steps and routines as awkwardly as we would. We see the exhaustion, the long hours of practice that take a toll on their weary bodies. When their backs ache, we empathize, when their knees hurt, we KNOW exactly how that must feel, and when we see the frustration on their faces from not being able to do what THEY want, WHEN they want due to physical pain, WE all get it.  It’s the pain that brings us even closer to the glamorous celebrities than anything else. When they hurt, we ALL feel it.

This season we have seen dancers themselves fall victim to physical injuries that have taken them out of the competition.  For them, the loss of the ability to dance affects their livelihood as much as it would if we could not carry out our jobs.  However, when celebrities and dancers are faced with life changing injuries, they seek out the most up to date medical treatments available.

That is where stem cell therapy steps in. Many of the coaches on DWTS are turning to stem cell therapies to assist them in their goal of helping stars win the mirrored ball trophy. Most recently, DWTS Dance Coach, Maksim Chmerkovskiye sought out stem cell therapy for a calf injury sustained while working on DTWS. The stem cell therapy used on his calf muscle helped Chmerkovskiye recover in record time, proving that stem cell therapy can help restore and replace tissue that gets people back to doing what they love.

For those of us who are NOT professional ballroom dancers, we understand the pain from our daily lives; when our body pain prevents us from doing what we love. While we may not be dancing for a mirrored ball trophy, a dance at your son or daughter’s wedding is certainly just as important. Day to day pain is something that Americans live with and prevents us from enjoying fun activities but more importantly, it hinders our ability to work and put food on the table for ourselves and our families.

While enjoying DWTS we are barraged with commercials for chronic pain medications. Over the counter and prescribed medicines that claim to remedy everything from sore muscles to chronic knee, back and shoulder pain. The Institute for Healthcare Informatics reports that Americans filled 4.3 billion prescriptions in 2014 and paid upwards of $374 billion on pain medications.  The spiraling out of control industry has led many suffering from pain to drug and other opioid addictions and has even left death in its wake. Such tragedies leave many wondering if pain is something that they will have to live with for the remainder of their years.

The doctors and staff at Allstar Healthcare Physical Medicine make it possible for San Antonio residents to regain their mobility and relieve their pain with stem cell therapy. “The myths surrounding this cutting-edge therapy are that cells are taken from babies or other unethical means; when in fact the area of stem cell therapy is regulated by the FDA and has nothing to do with fetal tissue. At Allstar Healthcare Physical Medicine we develop a path to wellness for our patients, using stem cells to regenerate and rebuild cells in the patient’s body. The use of stem cells is effective and has shown astonishing results in movement and pain relief. Stem cell therapy is hands down the best treatment medical science has to offer patients today,” states Dr. Charles K Hardin, MD.

Where stem cell therapy offers the greatest relief for families with a loved one living with chronic pain, is in the price differential, when compared to a lifetime of expensive prescription medications or multiple surgeries. Too often, patients dealing with knee, neck, shoulder and back pain are directed to the surgical table, which comes with skyrocketing hospital costs and in most cases, provides only a temporary solution, that leads them back to the surgeon in a few short years. The recovery from such surgeries affects those who care for the patient as well. Lost work hours are also part of the regimen that accompanies post-operative care.  The use of stem cell therapy offers far less recovery, (if any) and post therapy time is minimal and much easier to manage.  Ultimately, the financial cost of stem cell therapy is less than half or a fraction of the cost of surgery, allowing for families to move on from injuries and enjoy their lives without the burden of hospital bills.

“We have been able to witness the change in a patient’s life after receiving stem cell therapy, states, Dr. Hardin.  “When pain chains patients to a walker or jails them in a prison of having to ask for help to simply move around their home; stem cell therapy can give them their freedom and lives back. –And to know that they haven’t emptied their life savings accounts and can live healthier lives? Well, that’s a win- win for everybody!”

The fear of the unknown is what keeps many from seeking out stem cell therapy. However, those that have had the opportunity to learn more about the use of this innovative medical treatment have seen extraordinary outcomes. Patients on record at AllStar Healthcare Physical Medicine have seen pain relief in as little as a few days.

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