Agustin Sanchez, M.D.

Dr. Agustin Sanchez comes from a long line of physicians, 3 in fact, his father was an
orthopedic surgeon who brought his family to the United States from Cuba in 1964.
They settled in New York, where Dr. Sanchez spent his residency in Brooklyn at the
Downstate Medical Center. When she was 15, his sister suffered from a stroke and
had to go through many rounds of rehabilitation, and Dr. Sanchez found himself helping
her through it, falling in love with rehab. Dr. Sanchez thought he wanted to go into
surgery, like his father until he realized it wasn’t for him and found himself in the rehab
wing, where he fell in love with rehab all over again. He began practicing in private
practice in 1989. He is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation by the
American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

His wife and their 2 children moved to Texas about 3 years ago. His favorite thing
about working at Allstar is the friendly staff and patients and how he feels like he has a
family at the practice. The thing he is most impressed by is the multidisciplinary approach
to a patient’s ailments and how great of results he sees. A physiatrist will look at a
patient as a whole and try to get to the root of the cause instead of just putting a band-aid on it,
which he is passionate about. He is philanthropic with his time and knowledge, spending time in
war-torn and third world countries helping those less fortunate receive the medical care they
need. One experience that stands out from his philanthropic work is when he went to Afghanistan
to treat children who desperately needed medical assistance. When he isn’t at the office, he
enjoys working out, jogging in particular. He also enjoys going to the movies with his family,
where you will catch them enjoying an action and adventure movie.