Tailored Therapy Provides Relief to Thousands Living In Texas

Imagine going to the beach with your family and friends. –Nothing but cool ocean breezes and salty water on your skin as you sit with family listening to the waves pound, lulling you into a calm relaxed mood. Sounds, lovely, doesn’t it? Sadly, for many, this idea is not a dream but a nightmare. For the population who suffer from neuropathy, the idea of going to the beach brings thoughts of painful grains of sand on their nerve sensitive feet and extremities.  The anxiety of feeling every grain of sand as if it were a needle jabbing into their skin with every step on the beach, is enough to keep neuropathy patients home and away from the beach or any outdoor activity.

 In the United States close to 20 million people suffer from some form of neuropathy. For those who are not familiar with the disorder, it produces side effects such as pain, tingling and numbness in the hands, arms, feet and legs.  In some cases, patients feel pain the moment their feet touch the ground in the morning, and cope with the pain as it increases throughout the day.

Of the 20 million who suffer from neuropathy, it is assumed that the disorder is associated with diabetes. However, recent studies have shown that 70% of the 20 million are NOT diabetics. Today, there are over 100 different recorded causes of neuropathy, including alcohol, vitamin deficiencies, and the inflammation of nerves. Without knowing where to turn, thousands in Texas are searching for ways to reduce the pain. What begins for many as a small tingling in the feet, hands or arms can quickly leave patients bed-ridden with little hope of independent movement again. Early treatments for patients are not always taken seriously and are sometimes approached with holistic cures or remedies. Patients eventually run out of options after experimenting with a variety of treatments consisting of antidepressants, over-the-counter painkillers, and prescribed medications before coming to the realization that none completely addressed the real issue of long-term chronic pain.

But what if there is a treatment that can reduce your neuropathic pain drastically?

Enter, AllStar Healthcare Physical Medicine in San Antonio where a staff of healthcare providers and technologists offer tailored neuropathy treatments ranging from, nerve injections, vitamins/nutritional programs, and specific physical modalities that have changed the lives of those suffering from chronic nerve pain. Additionally, patients who have received these customized treatments have seen a reduction in swelling and pain in as little as one week. Others have lost the “freezing” or numb and tingling feeling altogether and are now living full productive lives.

“Our therapies have provided us with the ability to drastically decrease pain in most patients,” states Charles Hardin, MD of AllStar Healthcare Physical Medicine, “We evaluate and use the effective elements of countless treatments available for neuropathy, including laser, medications, lotions, creams, vitamins and many others for customized treatments. Based on our research, our experience, and more importantly, the improvement we have seen in our patients, we believe we have assembled the best treatment program available to those suffering from neuropathy.”

Tailored treatments for patients of AllStar Healthcare Physical Medicine have seen life changing results, “Our goal is to relieve patients from chronic pain and help them return to leading purpose-filled lives”, reports James Silva, AllStar Healthcare Physical Medicine, CEO.  “When a patient’s nerve pain is so severe that they cannot sustain their own weight, we make it our mission to get them back ON THEIR FEET!”

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