Charles K. Hardin, MD

Charles K. Hardin, MDDSC_0002

Dr. Hardin graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia School of Medicine in 1982.Completed surgical training at the Wright State University Integrated Surgery Residency in Dayton, Ohio which resulted in Board Certification. He served for two years as a General Surgeon for the Air Force in Korea. After 30 years serving in the United States Air Force, Dr. Hardin has brought his vast experience with him to Allstar Healthcare.

“The process of healing is enhanced and pain decreased by a good healing environment, both physically and with a healing mental attitude. This DSC_0009fact is what brought me to Allstar Healthcare, the whole practice is dedicated to obtaining the ideal medical, physical, and mental state needed for optimal healing and pain relief.”

“I get tremendous satisfaction every day that I work at Allstar Healthcare as I meet the patients who share with me their pleasure at the degree of recovery and pair relief they have obtained through our services. I hear simple stories everyday of grandparents now able to play with their grandchildren, going fishing or shopping or just being able to sleep at night. Many of our patients have been able to avoid major surgical procedures and overcome chronic pain because of our interventions and their commitment to bettering their own health.”